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Case Study: Opal – older people active lives

‘Colin was quite a hard task master and the experience was at times uncomfortable for some, but in the longer term we have quite clearly benefited from it.’

Organisational Review outcomes

This is an outline of the outcomes of work undertaken with Colin Williams and OPAL Trustees surrounding the governance, structure and sustainability of the organisation. We were introduced to Colin through CWVA and their Skillshare service that Colin has been contributing to.

This exercise took place over a period of close to a year, from the point the brief was being established to when we reviewed the outcomes. It happened whilst we were in lockdown and this did mean we as a Board of Trustees were unusually busy and facing challenges we hadn`t previously faced.

We had several meetings with Colin and he ensured we both kept to the brief and came to meetings prepared and having undertaken some form of activity that was relevant to the brief and would contribute to us all making progress.

Colin was able to introduce us to some tools that some of us had not previously encountered and these we found helpful. He was reassuring at times when we might have been forgiven for thinking that we alone were affected by whatever the issue was. This helped put things in perspective and opened our minds to different strategies and options.

Colin was quite a hard task master and the experience was at times uncomfortable for some, but in the longer term we quite clearly have benefited from it. We feel as if a mirror has been held up to us and the way we behave and act and this has been insightful and helpful. As a result we feel stronger as an organisation and with a more mature outlook … more prepared to deal with conflict, to be honest to each other, better placed to manage change and not to duck difficult issues.

In practical terms, we didn`t achieve all we wanted to, but are committed to continuing on the path we have started.