What our clients said

  • The value we get from having Colin Williams from DWDG as our Chairman is he has the vision, drive, and experience to help us transform the business and fulfill our potential.

  • As an owner-manager, it can be very difficult at times making all the strategic decisions for your own company. Whilst running the day to day operations it can be easy to make choices based on emotion and short term reactions. Rob & Colin as experts in strategy away from the day to day they bring clarity and measurements to these choices which mean better decisions and outcomes. Our business has benefitted hugely from their involvement as we enjoy a positive  growth journey and EBITDA has doubled in last 18 months with their invaluable help.


Some of our clients

Doubling Sales, Doubling Profit, Trebling Enterprise Value…..

Ruth Lee Ltd manufacture rescue training manikins for use by professionals working in the emergency services and care sector.

Established in 1999 they established a strong and progressive foothold in the market and enjoyed steady growth run as a family business.

In late 2015 they reached a point where they were unclear as to what to do next to move the business forward and invited DWDG to explore their goals, the options to achieve them, and then to agree on the way forward.

As a result of this DWDG worked with the business to apply the leadership structures and disciplines to enable it to progress towards achieving its true market potential.  This included:

  • Creating a ‘StratNav’ long term strategic.
  • Recruiting and inducting an Experienced Managing Director to lead the business on a day to day basis.
  • Implementing fit for purpose management disciplines in all planning and operating procedures.
  • Establishing a formal Board for the Governance and Directorship of the business.
  • Supporting all aspects of the ongoing development of the business

The Outcomes.

Four years after the initial review the following has been achieved:

  • 88% increase in Sales Volumes- (winning the Welsh Governments exporter of the year award and the Queen’s Award for Export at the same time)
  • 115% increase in EBITDA
  • 196% increase in Enterprise Value
  • 63% increase in the number of FTE’s
  • Establishment of a social commitment fund that has supported 53 national and international organisations.

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