We support and enable business entrepreneurs to get on and grow so that they can achieve high performance outcomes.

At DWDG, we truly believe that business enterprise is a very good thing.

Forecasters reckon that a 1% increase in high-growth business in the UK could create over 230,000 jobs and add over £35bn of value to the UK economy within 3 years.

Not bad, hey?

Equally, there is a body of evidence showing that carefully invested support, expertise and resource (in our case ‘with and through our charitable partners) can have a significant social impact on reducing poverty, and supporting vulnerable groups, family and innovation in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. 10% of our total capital returns and 10% of our time will be invested in this way over the next 5 years.

Our mission?

To enable your business to reach its true potential.

Some of the enterprises with whom we have worked

And what they say…

Ruth Lee Ltd

‘The value we get from having Colin Williams from DWDG as our Chairman is he has the vision, drive and experience to help us transform the business and fulfil our potential.’