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Do Well Do Good

DWDG was set up by Rob Crossland and Colin Williams, both accomplished and driven (yet very down-to-earth) individuals with a track record of founding and running their own successful businesses, as well as working with others on a vast range of award-winning enterprises.


DWDG came about because Rob and Colin want to use their combined experience and networks, along with their dependable reputations, to help other businesses achieve the same levels of success. Specialities include growth strategies, outcome management, organisational development, buy-out, M&A, exit planning, strategy support and funding.

A little bit different

DWDG is a little different from other organisations, commercially-speaking, in that its emphasis is based on achieving a set outcome, or ‘sole goal’, agreed by both parties at the start of the working relationship.

Reach your potential

DWDG’s approach is to select and partner with businesses that want to get on and grow. Whether you’ve got growing pains looking for support from someone who knows exactly what you’re going through, or a more established company with ambitious growth plans hoping to achieve a specific outcome, DWDG’s mission is to help you reach your true potential.


At DWDG, we truly believe that business enterprise is a very good thing. Forecasters reckon that a 1% increase in high-growth business in the UK could create over 230,000 jobs and add over £35bn of value to the UK economy within 3 years. Not bad, hey?

Equally, there is a body of evidence showing that carefully invested support, expertise and resource (in our case ‘with and through’ our charitable partners) can have a significant social impact on reducing poverty, and supporting vulnerable groups, family and innovation in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. 10% of our total profits and 5% of our time will be invested this way over the next 5 years.

DWDG’s mission is to enable your business to reach its true potential.


What do we need to guarantee ROI?
Our Conditions
Clear outcome owned by Leadership Team.
Quantifiable nett value for each team member.
Smart business plan in place with your sign-off.
Behavioural Contract in place with Leadership Team and Sponsor.
Credible exit and/or succession plan.
A little more detail...
Six month free period (excludes Colin’s expenses!)
Equity based on outcome (> 6months).
Investment options as leverage on exceptional cases.
Fees for services (e.g. Leadership Profiling) leading to an outcome.
ALL linked to outcome
Unlocking your potential...
ALL linked to outcome...
Unlocking potential and building bridges to entrepreneurs.
Managing risk.
Outcome led “control”.

Building the Bridge

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